Teaching Seniors the Benefits of Medical Marijuana

The Goal - To educate and inform seniors on the benefits and exciting discoveries in the medical cannabis field. To encourage activism for legalization and create demand for safe access. Seniors vote and they talk to their representatives.

Silver Tour Needs Small Potatoes to help Pass Amendment 2

Click on the image to listen to the Silver Tour Radio Ads for Prop 2.

The Silver Tour Takes on Florida Sheriffs and their "Vote No" Lies!

Dear Robert,

Most people realize that passing Amendment 2 in Florida, is the key to bringing medical marijuana to millions of needy patients in all of our southern states.

What few people understand, is that the Senior Vote will Make or Break Amendment 2.

It's very simple. Seniors make up the vast majority of those that will actually vote in a bi-election year. Millions of senior voters will vote at polling booths right in the senior communities where they live, or will be bused to the polls.

That's where The Silver Tour comes in. For the past four years, The Silver Tour has successfully convinced millions of seniors to demand "Safe Legal Access" to medical marijuana. We did this with live Silver Tour Shows, our TV show "Should Grandma Smoke Pot?" and by bringing bus loads of seniors to the House of Representatives in Washington DC.

Silver Tour DC coverage
TV Show, Shoud Grandma Smoke Pot? DVD

No other media can reach so many people that need to hear the truth about medical marijuana. Every community now has hundreds of TV stations. That makes it too difficult and too expensive to reach a large audience. But most cities and towns only have one or two radio stations people listen to while they work or drive. That makes it easy to target a large senior audience with a brief potent message. A message that will expose the lies of the anti-marijuana crowd and ally the fears of too easily frightened seniors.

Twelve Critical Messages

It's important to answer lies with well documented and sourced truth. Here are five of the twelve messages the Silver Tour plans to air in every market in Florida. Two of these spots aired 55 times last week on WIOD the top talk radio station in Miami. They were heard locally on Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and the talk shows that influence the seniors.

We Need Some Small Potatoes

John Morgan and United for Care have raised millions of dollars for TV and billboards to bring out the vote for Amendment 2.
They will do a terrific job.
Just as they did petitioning to put Amendment 2 on the ballot.

But when it comes to rallying seniors...it's up to The Silver Tour!

And we Don't Need Millions of Dollars to do the Job
There are 19 radio markets in Florida

Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood
Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater
Orlando, . Jacksonville
West Palm Beach-Boca Raton
Ft. Myers-Naples-Marco Island
Sarasota-Bradenton, Gainesville-Ocala
Daytona Beach, Lakeland-Winter Haven
Ft. Pierce-Stuart-Vero Beach
Pensacola, Tallahassee, Ft. Walton Beach
Panama City, Sebring
The Florida Keys and Lake City

We can broadcast our messages all day, everyday for a full month on the best radio stations, in every one of those markets,
up until the day of the vote
for less than

Compared to the millions that United for Care has raised and the millions the opposition plans to spend to defeat medical marijuana, this is
small potatoes.

Small potatoes that will do a very big and important job; Cheap insurance for passing Amendment 2.

Please Support this Vital Effort to Bring Medical Marijuana to Florida

Please, even if you have donated to United for Care, it's important to see that The Silver Tour Radio Campaign is fully funded to reach senior voters. The Silver Tour is an accredited 501c3. All donations are fully tax deductible. We have no paid employees and no big donors. All funds go directly to the radio campaign.


The Silver Tour goal is to educate the senior community of the United States about the medicinal value of cannabis. One way we hope to disseminate information is via our database of medicinal cannabis photographs and video footage. New media will be continually added as new material becomes available, so visit often to expand your knowledge of the cannabis plant and its value to you in your medical care repertoire.

The Silver Tour Trip to Washington, DC - June 17, 2013


Every Underwriter and Membership helps put "Should Grandma Smoke Pot?" on the air one more time. Like public broadcasting, we need Underwriters and Members to support us in ending cannabis prohibition once and for all. Momentum is on our side, now is the time push harder than ever to reach our goal.

You can become an underwriter for any amount you choose or choose a membership option.
Bronze Membership $25 - Silver Membership $50
Gold Membership $100 - Platinum Membership $1000

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