Donald Abrams, MD Neuropathy, Chronic Pain and Cannabis

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Buddy, an 86 year old man suffering from chronic neuropathy of the feet expresses the excruciating pain, ineffective narcotic medications with side-effects like constipation, and the realization that medical cannabis (marijuana) could help relieve his pain. His own doctor told him that cannabis would help, having certainly read Dr. Donald Abram's study, "Cannabis in Painful HIV-associated Sensory Neuropathy", published in February, 2007, that proved cannabis as effective for neuropathic pain as conventional, opiate-type medications.

This video features sections of Dr. Abrams presentation of his findings, at the 2006 Cannabis Therapeutics Conference, in Santa Barbara, CA, hosted by Patients Out of Time.

Dr. Abram's presentation, "Cannabis in Pain & Palliative Care", is viewable in its entirety at:

Buddy's interview was conducted by Mark Pedersen, Cannabis Patient Network.

Dr. Donald Abram's presentation is courtesy of Patients Out of Time, and is part of a series of patient testimonies paired with scientific research verifying the efficacy of cannabis for their conditions.

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