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The Silver Tour Makes A Difference Everywhere

Silver Tour has traveled around the country dispelling old myths and educating seniors and politicians about the real benefits of medical marijuana. We never stop lobbying Government Representatives and advocating for a change in out-dated laws

We lecture about how cannabis consumption is safer than alcohol, tobacco and  most prescription opioids at senior centers and other venues.


FACT: No one has ever died from smoking, inhaling or consuming cannabis.

A growing number of countries and US states have decriminalized or made cannabis fully legal. We won't stop until every state and the

Federal Government of the United States

has legalized medical marijuana.

About the Founder

Robert Platshorn is an activist, educator, and book author. He received and was High Times Freedom Fighter of the Year Award for his work educating legislators, businessmen and the senior population on the benefits of medical marijuana.ints and turning them into its main strengths. 

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